Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Spot The Tune

That are a few things, that when I look back on them, make me chuckle. Even if I drag the recollections up from my memory with the intention of reliving that fun, they still start that wave, that ripple, that starts deep in my insides and spreads out into my shoulders and up into my head.

Even now, thinking of that funny recollection, I can feel my shoulder blades and my ears alive with a tingle like popping sherbet in the mouth. Oh it is so good to be alive to that feeling.

So here is one of the things that gets me every time. It's not even something I was involved in except as a listener.

It was on the radio. Two men talking. They are doing a spoof or take-off of Spot the Tune, a quiz programme where contestants would listen to the opening bars of a piece of music, and the first to identify the tune would win. Sometimes contestants could identify pieces after hearing just three notes.

So they are doing this spoof of the quiz. And the 'compere' played just one note.

And the 'contestant', seemingly searching his memory for the tune, said: "Give me a moment; I know that one. I think I've got that in the car."

It still gets me.

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