Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Presidential Material

Published October 2008


A few nights ago David Letterman interviewed John McCain.

Letterman gave McCain a difficult time and McCain's dealt with each difficult question by giving a lighthearted answer and then turning away and doing a pantomime for the audience. It was a pantomime of a boy who had narrowly escaped being caught with his fingers in the cookie jar.

He would roll his eyes, pretend to pant and wipe his brow and then share with the audience his mock relief at 'not being found out'.

Cue to Sarah Palin, who should have renounced her candidacy the moment she realized she couldn't cut it. She should have renounced her candidacy the moment she realized she didn't have the tools to take on such a serious job - one where ineptitude can have such serious consequences.

And McCain should have jettisoned her the moment it became clear she wasn't going to resign.

Instead he stands transfixed, wondering why no-one has called him to account. He looks glazed, as though he is surprised to be still standing. And he gives his goofy grin and says in mime, "Aw shucks, am I still here? Are they still falling for my tricks? Ah well, it's just the presidency."

Whatever else he might be, McCain is not showing himself to be presidential material.

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