Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Jonathan Ross has been making borderline aggressive comments for years

Published 2008


I believe in public modesty. I side with those who believe that and I want to assert with them that we are still a society that values proper public behaviour.

Public sexual morality in England today is indistinguishable from private sexual morality.  A lot that is in the media encourages an 'anything goes' mentality.

Jonathan Ross has been making borderline aggressive comments for years. He is admired because he is observant about people and what makes them tick. But he stands for hurting people. And he has a "who, me?" innocent schoolboy charm when he is accused.   Well this time too far. He should be fired.

The BBC should gives its own feedback to the complainants and to society - tell us all that you stand for the proposition that there is a society and that it is a society that has values that respect public sensitivities.

And don't stop there. Fan it and nurture it and use your enormous power to help turn the tide of 'anything goes' around.

Help people feel there is something worth working for, because at the moment a lot of people despair that there is any society with a commonality of public values that treasures and respects individuals.

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