Tuesday, December 17, 2019


First published October 2008


There is an advertisement for a counter-top spray on television at the moment. The spray kills 99% of all germs.

The setting is a kitchen, with a mother cutting a carrot and a small baby in a high chair. There is a flashback to a few moments earlier when the mother had cut up raw chicken on that self-same cutting board. And we see the germs from the raw chicken attach themselves to the carrot, which the mother hands to the baby.

Then we see the baby holding the carrot up to his mouth, ready to eat it, and as he does so, the carrot transforms itself before our eyes into a raw chicken leg.

And just in case we think the carrot could really change into a raw chicken leg, a little sign appears in a corner of the screen, which says 'dramatisation'.

Who do they think we are?

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