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No WooCommerce Product Reviews Tab?

No WooCommerce product reviews tab? 
Maybe this is why.
I decided to activate product reviews on a site running WooCommerce.
I recalled that I had disabled reviews soon after I set up the site. That was on the advice of someone writing about how to reduce load on the server with requests going back and forth. That was on a site getting thousands of hits an hour. Still, I followed the advice.
Now I wanted to bring back product reviews. They would show up in the Reviews tab next to the Description tab on single product pages.
I saw a comment by Mike Jolley of the WooCommerce team, that reviews are a type of comment. Therefore, comments have to be enabled on the site.
I had the Disable Comments plugin activated, so the first thing was to deactivate it. In fact, I no longer need it since Gutenberg. With Gutenberg you can mark any individual post or page ‘Allow Comments’ or not, by checking a box in the post or page sidebar.
Next thing, make sure that comments were set to be moderated before bein…