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King's College Chapel, Cambridge

Raising The Spectre Of Being On Opposite Sides - Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım of Turkey

Under the headline ‘Turkey and Russia agree sale of S–400 missile defense systems’ Debka reports that Turkey and Russia have reached agreement on the sale of Russian S–400 missile defense systems to Turkey with the final decision to be made by the executive committee of Turkey’s defense industry, as disclosed by Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım last Friday. He also said, defending Turkey as a NATO country buying arms from Russia, that his country was working with Russia and Iran in Syria and “there should be no reason for the United States and Turkey to be on opposite sides.”Who has raised the spectre of the United States and Turkey being on opposite sides other than in this statement by Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım?

Designing cards: How we work

How we work is that once we have the main image for a card, we design the card directly on the computer. We’ve got a template set up at the correct proportions, with the back of the card on a separate layer so that we can set the main image and show and ‘hide’ any unwanted parts behind the back of the card. That way we can adjust the appearance to give the most pleasing result.At various stages during the design process we set the card on the screen at the size it will be when printed, and then stare at it for a while. We blank out the rest of the screen so that we can see the card in isolation, without any distractions. And as often as not, we will move away from the screen and stand on the other side of the room to look at the card. It gives us another perspective, and sometimes we will spot something that doesn’t look right. It might be some text that is too big, or that the image needs moving across a fraction.The cards are made at the dimensions at which they will be sent to the …

Eavesdrop, eavesdropper

Eavesdrop, eavesdropperI suddenly wondered about the origin of the word eavesdrop, and as I started to look it up it occurred to me that it surely had to do with ‘eaves’ as in the eaves of a house. I don’t know why I didn’t make the connection immediately. Did I once know this and then lost the connection by familiarity?Etymonline says the word means to “lurk near a place to hear what is said inside,” and dates from around 1600, and is probably a back-formation from eavesdropper. The original notion is listening from under the eaves of a house, originally yfesdrype the place around a house where the rainwater drips off the roof. So eaves is a shortening of a word that included ‘drype’ - presumably as in the dripping of water.Eave or yfes comes from Old English efes meaning the edge of something.

The Mentality Of A Refugee

I have the mentality of a refugee. I come from a long line of refugees. I grew up knowing the insecurity of everything I do and knowing that the only certainty is with good health versus bad health, wealth versus no wealth, and uncertainty versus yet more uncertainty.

Milton neologisms

John Crace in the Guardian

According to Gavin Alexander, lecturer in English at Cambridge university and fellow of Milton's alma mater, Christ's College, who has trawled the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) for evidence, Milton is responsible for introducing some 630 words to the English language, making him the country's greatest neologist, ahead of Ben Jonson with 558, John Donne with 342 and Shakespeare with 229.