Alternative Facts: Trump and Scaramucci Cooked Up A Plot

Everyone reeled at how Anthony Scaramucci - a man in a position of responsibility in Government - could say such foul-mouthed things.

Then Scaramucci is fired.

Between him saying what he did and his firing, there is a period where people are absorbing things and adjusting to the idea that this is the new normal.

They rail against the idea that this can be the new normal.

They unconsciously reassess President Trump. They think that at least Trump wouldn't say the things that Anthony Scaramucci said.

President Trump bathes in the improvement of his image. He nails it when he fires Scaramucci.

OK, that's one version of events.

Here's an alternative reality.

Trump and Scaramucci cooked up a plot to improve Trump's image. Scaramucci idolises Trump, so he's willing to take the hit to make the plot work.

He says what he does, and is fired specifically in order to improve Trump's image.

It's not that this is true - it's that it is in the constellation of things that could be true in this new world order.

Is it just another way of doing business or an unacceptable way of doing things? Disinformation has been around a long time, both in war and in peacetime. So who knows. But still the thing is that this could be true.

If, perchance it was true - has it worked, is it working?

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