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Adobe Camera RAW Lens Correction

Article originally published by me on my blog at PhotographWorks: Adobe Camera RAW Lens Correction

Adobe Camera RAW is part of Photoshop.

RAW is a proprietary format with which the camera records the information that comes in to the sensor when you take a photo. Unless you have a reader for that format, you can't see the image.

Contrast that with, for example, JPEGs and TIFFs, which every camera and every computer can read.

Every camera manufacturer has its own RAW format. Nikon cameras record in a format named .NEF. Fuji cameras record in a format named .RAF, Olympus cameras record in a format named .ORF, and so on.

Photoshop can read all these different formats, but unless you have the latest version of Photoshop it may not be able to read the format for a recent model of a particular camera even if it can read the format for that brand of camera - that's how specific the readability of RAW formats is.

If you open a RAW file in Photoshop it will open in Adobe…

The Perseid Meteor Shower

This year, the Perseid meteor shower that trails the Swift-Tuttle comet is visible from July 17 to August 24.
The shower will peak on the night of Saturday, August 12, and in the early hours before dawn on Sunday, August 13.

The Earth crosses the orbit of Swift-Tuttle every year and the meteor shower races across Earth's upper atmosphere at over 100,000 miles per hour.

Alternative Facts: Trump and Scaramucci Cooked Up A Plot

Everyone reeled at how Anthony Scaramucci - a man in a position of responsibility in Government - could say such foul-mouthed things.
Then Scaramucci is fired.

Between him saying what he did and his firing, there is a period where people are absorbing things and adjusting to the idea that this is the new normal.
They rail against the idea that this can be the new normal.
They unconsciously reassess President Trump. They think that at least Trump wouldn't say the things that Anthony Scaramucci said.
President Trump bathes in the improvement of his image. He nails it when he fires Scaramucci.
OK, that's one version of events.
Here's an alternative reality.
Trump and Scaramucci cooked up a plot to improve Trump's image. Scaramucci idolises Trump, so he's willing to take the hit to make the plot work.
He says what he does, and is fired specifically in order to improve Trump's image.
It's not that this is true - it's that it is in the constellation of thing…

Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic

I am writing this partly because of the oddity of what was on the map I was looking at and that it might be worth five minutes of your time.

I was looking at Google maps and I came across a part that was divided off by an international border but wasn't marked with a country name.

It was surrounded by Armenia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Iran. So what country was it?

My first thought was to zoom in, in case a country name popped into view, but it didn't.

I googled the name of the largest town/city (Nakhchivan) and I found out the region is the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, an autonomous enclave of Azerbaijan.

It is separated from the rest of Azerbaijan and completely surrounded by other countries: hence it being an enclave.

A bit more googling and I found out it was formerly owned by what was then Persia (now Iran) and then in the early 1800s after the Russian-Persian war, by Russia.

That changed again with the 1917 Russian revolution when it was contested by Armenia and Azerbai…

The Map With No Names

I printed out a map leaving the details of the counties blank - just the borders showing.

The idea is to look at it and see (as in notice and observe) the countries, their positions relative to one another, their sizes, what the touch and what they have access to - and from that to become more educated about the world.

Robert Hardy, Actor

The headline reads
Robert Hardy, Harry Potter actor, dies at 91 and I cannot help but think he would be disappointed to be described like this. I guess I will always think of him in All Creatures Great And Small.