US Marines In Syria Have A Dual Role

There's an interesting analysis on 30th April by DEBKA of the role the US marines in Syria are playing.

The analysis says that the marines that President Trump has sent to Syria will act as a buffer between Turkish forces and the Kurdish militia. By keeping the marines close to the Kurds, it prevents the Turkish forces from bombing the Kurds as they have been doing recently.

Then on 6th May the Guardian reported:
Syria’s Kurds have revealed plans to redraw the northern part of the country by linking the Kurdish region of Rojava with the Mediterranean Sea, in a move that will infuriate neighbouring Turkey.
In a further sign of growing Kurdish confidence in Syria’s north, officials say that they plan to ask the US for political support in creating a trade corridor to the Mediterranean as part of a deal for their role in liberating Raqqa and other cities from Isis.

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