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EU Students In The UK

As reported in Cambridge News:Catherine Barnard, professor of EU law at Cambridge University, addressed MPs on the Education Select Committee in Westminster. She holds the Jean Monnet Chair of EU Law at Cambridge's Faculty of Law and is an expert in EU labour and discrimination law.She said: "This year we have seen at Cambridge a 14 per cent reduction in the number of applications from the European Union at undergraduate level, although I should say the number of applications from EU students at postgraduate level are up."In respect of those who have declined an offer from Cambridge at postgraduate level, we have put a question in the so-called decliners survey to say 'what was it that dissuaded you from coming?'"Those who answered the question offered a range of factors from a concern about anti-immigrant sentiment to devaluation of the pound and the fact that their scholarships would be worth less, although obviously not in the UK, and uncertainty over fut…