Matt Frei on The Donald

Matt Frei did a report on for Channel 4 on TV in April, covering the phenomenon of 'The Donald'.

He interviewed Hispanics in Florida, Trump's ex valet (who only had good things to say about him), and a several political commentators. It was all pretty much what I had come to expect. That is until the programme got to one extract of Trump speaking at a rally.

Trump is talking about Putin. The way he introduced it, it sounded as though he had been asked about his feelings about Putin. But then you can never tell with Trump because he has this habit of introducing things into his conversation out of 'left field', and there's a sense that he is moving along in the way he wants to.

So in the speech he is giving at the rally he says that he has heard that Putin has had journalists killed. He says that may be true or it may not be. He goes on to say that he (Trump) would not have journalists killed. Then he does a slow turning motion with his hand held flat out in front of him, palm down. He turns his hand this way and makes a comment, then he turns it the other way and makes a comment.

It's the motion a person makes when they are saying they may or may not do something - they haven't decided. Maybe yes, maybe no. And Trump says, yes maybe, and then no he wouldn't have journalists killed. He's grinning. He's making a joke.

It's the kind of macabre joke that a torturer or a despot might make when they hold someone's fate in their hands. This man is trying to be president of the United States, and he's making a joke about having journalists killed?!

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