Keep Sending Me Snail Mail

Did you know that there is a Keep Me Posted campaign - asking Parliament to make it a requirement for account providers not to penalise users who want paper statements?

The campaign argues that on the basis of the surveys they have carried out, they can say that some people don’t have access to online services, or aren’t computer literate enough to use them.

Others simply prefer paper while others don't trust digital-only records.

I like paper statement for important records. What about you?

Keep Me Posted is a coalition of representatives from charities, interest groups and business.  As you might expect from organisations that are dependent on paper moving about, the supporters include Royal Mail, and private mail companies like Whistl.

But it also includes Money Advice, Age Scotland, The Countryside Alliance, The Stroke Association, and many others. Here's the page listing the representatives. It's a collection of logos rather than a printable text list, hence me excerpting some of the organisations.

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