Saturday, February 27, 2016

Unintelligible Yelling

Grabbed from my Twitter feed


Google TagManager Course

Here it is from GTM Training:

  • How GTM works
  • Installing GTM
  • Installing Google Analytics Pageview Tracking with GTM
  • GA event tracking with GTM button clicks

Almost Everybody Hates Mandrill This Week

Mandrill pulled the plug on their free service. And they gave what many people think is a small window within which to find another, more economical service or else sign up to Mailchimp + Mandrill at a price that a lot of people think is a bit high for the lowest tier.

Jeff Atwood's comment on Twitter:

There are alternatives:

@SparkPost 100,000 emails/month free
@SendGrid 40,000 $9.95/mo
@Mail_Gun 10,000 emails/month free
@postmarkapp 1,000 credits$1.50 per thousand emails
@mailjet 6,000 emails/month free
@AmazonSES Email messages are charged at $0.10 per 1,000

The Background Image Courtesy of SubtlePatterns

The background image is Light Gray by Brenda Lay.

Strangely, the URL on the SubtlePatterns page is light-fray, as in

Friday, February 26, 2016

Look - I Can Write Tech

We’re thrilled to announce the acquisition of More Of The Same. 
More Of The Same (MOTS) is a content-rich, visual, lead generation and creation platform that enables brands both big and small to connect with audiences through high-quality content built with data-driven tools. 
With MOTS, cost-effective content is shared instantly at the most opportune times for you and your audience. 
Log in to your account now to start taking advantage of the world's largest marketing platform powered by data science.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Some 'Alternatives' for WordPress Hosting

Get WordPress hosting for free on a subdomain of Host My Page. It's in Dutch, so you might need to use Google Translate to find your way around.

Or pay €48/year and get a site with your own domain and a CDN

ThisIsTap offers a free WordPress site on a subdomain.

Or pay $5.00/month and get a free, private SSL thrown in.