Saturday, August 22, 2015

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Our conversation

You 17:03
When do you expect to get new stock of Howick brand men's corduroy trousers

Customer support agent - Paul 17:05
Hi you're speaking with Paul. If the item was in sale, we won't get this back in to stock.

You 17:06
Oh, how sad. Howick cords are great.
What about any other brand of men's cords
When will they come into stock?

Customer support agent - Paul 17:07
Unfortunately we don't get this information. I'd advise you to check the website as we update the website daily.

You 17:08
I asked in my local store in Edinburgh and they didn't know. Someone must know. Your buyers must know

Customer support agent - Paul 17:09
This is information that is not given to ourselves.

You 17:09
OK - not your fault. Have a nice day, as they say.

Customer support agent - Paul 17:10
Thanks for taking the time to contact us. Have a lovely day.

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