Thursday, February 26, 2015

Foundation Framework - WordPress

I read an article in WP Tavern on WordPress themes based on the Foundation Framework. The article is from November 2013 and I followed a link through to the Swiss theme maker for one of the themes and I saw a notice on the home page that said 'We discontinue development of the required+ Foundation theme – here is why.'
tl;dr; We switched to _s and a custom grid system and therefore don’t use Zurb Foundation anymore. The docs will stay available until 2015, feel free to fork the project on Github. It’s been quite the journey and we learned a lot maintaining the required+ Foundation theme and it’s assets. We are grateful for all the people helping and using required+ Foundation as their WordPress base theme. Instead of releasing a version that we don’t use internally, we finally decided to discontinue required+ Foundation. This decision wasn’t easy and we tried to free some time for the project, but had to realise that it’s best to discontinue the project instead of letting you wait in limbo any longer. Thanks again for the support and understanding – Silvan & the required+ team
One of the commenters asked "I am curious as to why you switched to _s and a custom grid. What was not working for you with Foundation?" and the reply was "We ended up kicking out more and more styles and javascripts shipped with Foundation for most of our WP projects. _s gives us the the headstart needed and is now available as a SASS version too." ______________ In a free world, that is always the risk - that something the appears to be a good foundation upon which to build will peter out and be left siting on a disused track overgrown with weeds.

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