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Offline Editors and Bloated Code

I did an experiment today comparing a couple of offline editors, specifically for whether they introduced additional code into the posts. I wrote it up here with examples of the code. What I don't know is how much additional load the extra code introduces. Is it small compared to other things that add to the overhead of a site? How would one go about testing it?

'Mia' cards: Looking for information

These cards were printed in the 1940s in England.
Anyone know anything about the company?

Princess for a day

According to a YouGov poll, 11% of British women would like to experience the Duchess of Cambridge's life for a day.
Which means that 89% would not like the opportunity to experience something extraordinary.
That's strange.

How many people over 100 are there in Britain

There are 14,000 people over one hundred years of age in Britain today, according to an article in The Week.

I have found the week to be a reliable source of news and well worth the cover price. Actually, it's my wife who finds it worth the cover price because she is the one who gets the print issue on subscription.

The Week

About The Week magazine

The Week magazine takes only the best articles from the global online and print media and expertly edits them together, giving you a balanced and concise view of the news from the past seven days. In just one hour, you will be brought up to date with the most important news and events, in a refreshingly succinct and witty style.

As well as discovering all of the main stories, key opinions and comment, you will also get a flavour of the week’s cultural highlights, including the hottest art exhibitions, books, theatre, films, sport, people, properties, travel and recipes – and much, much more.

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