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From Conversion Scientist
What is your landing page selling?
You can answer this question in one of three ways:
It’s selling what I promised in an ad or email
It’s selling my company and its services
All of the above
The right answer is number one.
Number two is an About Us page. Number three is a typical home page.
If this was a poll, we’d see heavy voting for two and three. Why the disconnect? From Out of The Blue in LeithFrom its inception Out of the Blue’s mission has been to provide opportunities for artists and other people who face barriers to creativity, to meet, work, participate, enjoy themselves, learn and develop skills and knowledge. Out of the Blue has established a reputation as an independent, dynamic and innovative cultural social enterprise. Out of the Blue is one of Scotland’s leading community, cultural and arts development organisations working in partnership to provide economic, cultural, social and educational opportunities, to a significant number of people to …