Saturday, June 14, 2014

Postach is interesting. You can create a site on a subdomain.

You sign up to it and connect your Evernote account. That creates a folder on your Evernote account.

Then, when you add a note to that folder in Evernote and tag it with 'publish', it creates a post on your subdomain.

So it's not database driven like WordPress. It's a static site that updates from your Evernote folder. That is, it updates from the sync'd Evernote folder, not your local application.

There are a number of different themes - some nice-looking ones. And you can play with the CSS if you want.

And it's free, with the option to sign up for a premium account that gives you the option to have more people join in on a collective account. It might be a nice idea for a business that wants various members to add posts. They don't need to log in to the site - all they have to do is create posts on their own Evernote application, tag is with 'publish', and sync.

I can't think of anything else that offers that?

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