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I Avert My Eyes When The Pre-YouTube Ads Come On

It's a trick that I am guessing many people are using.

When I click to watch a YouTube video, I avert my eyes from the advertisement and concentrate on the little black rectangle in the corner of the YouTube where it says 'You can skip this Ad in 3 secs'

'You can skip this Ad in 2 secs'

'You can skip this Ad in 1 secs'

And then click.

A side benefit is that it is increasing my powers of concentration. ;-)

A Mattress, Dear Amazon?

I don't know what intimation I gave to Amazon that I needed a mattress.

Cherry Blossom In Edinburgh - May 3, 2014

Danzón 4 Arturo Marquez

Gustavo Dudamel - Simon Bolivar Orchestra - Danzón No. 2 by Arturo Márquez

The Importance of Hyphens

Mr Graham's promoted post showed up in my Facebook stream.

Mr Graham is from the USA. Hence he may well not know meaning of the word 'tool' used in British English when applied to a person.

Of course, if he had written 'done-for-you', as the sentence demanded, I wouldn't have laughed my socks off so much.

Waterlogue OSX Coming

Better Red