Monday, April 21, 2014

Have me in circles


Have me in circles
Have me running in circles
Have me encircled

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Animalistic: Cross-Posted From Light Reading


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I got halfway through opening a store with Storenvy but didn't finish it. I would have had to link my account to Paypal and I decided I didn't want to.

I named the half-finished store Animalistic and I made a logo.

After deciding not to proceed with Storenvy, I was closing the logo image in Photoshop when I thought of this addition to the name. It was prompted by a conversation between one of the keepers at the wildlife park I was at last weekend, and a visitor.

The visitor asked what the keeper thought was on the tiger's mind, and the keep said he was pretty sure that he was thinking of lunch - lunch being the keeper and the visitor.

"I'm pretty scrawny," said the visitor. "Would he be interested in me?"

"He'd be across that enclosure faster than you could say knife."

I was in a group of four people with special access to the animals, and at some points I was just a foot or so away from the tigers.

The keeper warned us against grabbing the fencing to steady ourselves, because our fingers were very tasty.

And I was thinking about the tiger springing across the enclosure quicker than I could say knife, and homing in on a tasty handful of fingers.

Polar Bears

Early in the morning we had been down by the fence with the polar bears. Again, I was just a matter of inches from the bears. They were huge. The sensation of one of them coming closer and its sheer bulk was an amazing experience.

It wasn't just that it was big, though. It was lithe, and it looked like it could move very fast.

If you wonder who would come off best between a tiger and a polar bear, then before last weekend I would have said the tiger would be the winner.

I guess I would have imagined it attacking the bear from behind and hanging onto its throat, and slashing with its claws.

But now that I have seen the bear, I think one swipe with its paw would break a tiger.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

'Next Blog' - All In Spanish. Why?

I have a test blog that is named I Use This For Testing Blogspot Templates - and I uploaded a template last night and then, for no particular reason, I clicked on 'Next Blog'

And every blog I clicked on was written in Spanish.

What setting determined that as the choice of language? I am an English speaker. My blogs are in English. How strange...

Any ideas why, or what I can 'set' to change the default to English?

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Tiger Tiger

This photo of an Amur tiger is one of a series I took last weekend in the Cairngorms in Scotland at the Highland Wildlife Park.

Pinterest Rich Pins - How To and Facebook Page Name Change

I wrote on Flying Twigs about how to add Pinterest Rich Pins and get the benefit for your website. And I also wrote about how to change the name of your Facebook page if you have one and have more than 200 followers (200 followers is the cutoff point for being able to make the changes yourself).