Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Here are some of the things I am have been reading:

Here are some of the things I am have been reading:

Update March 2014:
I have been reading Cialdini's 'Influence' for months and months. The same with Kahneman's 'Thinking Fast and Slow'. Also reading Drayton Bird's 'How to write sales letters that sell.'

It's almost a year since I reviewed 'The Hidden Power Of Advertising' by Robert Heath:

Read 'Habit' by Charles Duhigg, 'The Hidden Power Of Advertising' by Robert Heath, and 'The Guns Of August' by Barbara Tuchman.

Read 'The Heart Of Darkness' by Joseph Conrad and 'The Conquest Of Happiness by Bertrand Russell'.

Russell thinks the Protestant work ethic produces success-oriented people with overdeveloped wills and an underdeveloped intellect and sense of enjoyment of life.

He thinks they will extinguish themselves in time because they have fewer children, and become sterile because by being fixated on success that once attained, leaves ennui and dissolution.

Previously on ER:

'The True Believer' by Eric Hoffer I liked the phrase that he used to describe what happens when societies open up and gave people freedom to escape from tight-knit communities. As he describes it, it gives them freedom to feel inadequate.

I reviewed Hoffer's book a couple of years ago and laid out his views on the character of the person who is attracted to mass movements of all kinds and the nature of mass movements.

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