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Harold Macmillan to Oswald Mosley

“You must be mad. Whenever the British feel strongly about anything, they wear grey flannel trousers and tweed jackets.”
[ Prime Minister Harold Macmillan in the 1930s explaining to Oswald Mosley, on Mosley's proposal to set up the British fascist political party, why British fascism will never catch on if he insists on making his members wear black shirts. ]

Are Websites Getting Messier Again?

A while ago it was all the rage to have clean, stylish websites. Flat design or hamburger menu links, blocks of colour and elegant typography - that was the way to go.

But have you looked at some of the news sites, the viral-videos sites, the 'strange information you didn't know you didn't know' sites? They are getting busier and busier and it's getting harder to scroll down the page. Everything is so 'interesting'.

How Much Is That Weight in the UK and the US?

In the US and the UK, the fundamental unit is the pound (lb), and all other units are fractions or multiples of it. 
The UK imperial system of weight is the same as the United States weight table up to one pound, but above that point the two systems differ.
The imperial system uses a hundredweight of eight stone or 112 lb.
The US uses a hundredweight of 100 lb.
In both systems, 20 hundredweights make a ton. 
In the US, they use long ton to indicate imperial weights (2240 lb.) and short ton (2000 lb.) for US weights.
Metric ton is used to denote a tonne - which is 1000 kg or 2204.622 lb. - which is about 1.6% less than an imperial or long ton.

March 11 - Idealists Connect

Cross posted from Light Reading

Go here to join:

I have joined this. This is a way to connect and do things that respect people and engender freedom and dignity.

It gives me the promise of an opportunity to bring to fruition something I want to do - plant trees with people.

It would give me great pleasure to think that at least one person joined in as a result of this post.

Attribution:My wife Tamara alerted me to this. She started watching and I joined her..

Cross-Posted From Light Reading

First of all, a photo - because I like to put one in every post. It has nothing to do with what follows.

It was a post by TimeThief on how to keep your blog safe that go me looking around my WordPress Dashboard.

Timethief explains how you can force an https connection to the WordPress Dashboard. I wasn't aware of that, so it was a useful tip.

As I say, it prompted me to look around my dashboard and from there, I looked at settings (which you can only see if you are logged in to WordPress of course) /settings/account/ and this is what I saw at the bottom of the page:


We use some third party tools to collect data about how users interact with our site. You can find more information about how we use these tools in our privacy policy. If you'd prefer that we not track your interactions you may opt out by using the following links: opt-out | opt-out
I don't know Inspectlet but I do know Kissmetrics because I read their blog articles, g…

Mac OS Mavericks - Freezes?

It may be some non-Apple application that is causing it, but today my iCal froze. I had to shut down and re-open for it to correct itself.

And for a while now Photoshop CS6 has been freezing. It unfreezes itself after a while.

Yahoo Buys Vizify

As reported by Venture Beat today (as notified in the daily Rabbitgram email) Yahoo has bought Vizify.

Vizify specialises in turning your personal data into visuals.

The Vizify page explains that they are ending their service and closing their doors. Existing paying customers are to get all their payments back and of course, no new signups.

What does it mean for the future? What will Yahoo do with this?

[I made the GIF from the Vizify page and tweaked the wording. I did it earlier this morning as a way of not setting to and working on the brochure we have to finish...]

Here are some of the things I am have been reading:

Here are some of the things I am have been reading:

Update March 2014:
I have been reading Cialdini's 'Influence' for months and months. The same with Kahneman's 'Thinking Fast and Slow'. Also reading Drayton Bird's 'How to write sales letters that sell.'

It's almost a year since I reviewed 'The Hidden Power Of Advertising' by Robert Heath:

Read 'Habit' by Charles Duhigg, 'The Hidden Power Of Advertising' by Robert Heath, and 'The Guns Of August' by Barbara Tuchman.

Read 'The Heart Of Darkness' by Joseph Conrad and 'The Conquest Of Happiness by Bertrand Russell'.

Russell thinks the Protestant work ethic produces success-oriented people with overdeveloped wills and an underdeveloped intellect and sense of enjoyment of life.

He thinks they will extinguish themselves in time because they have fewer children, and become sterile because by being fixated on success that once attained, leaves ennui and d…

Unfortunate Advertisment Placement

From 9to5Mac on Tuesday 4 March 2014

Signs of Spring (from the Quillcards Blog)

When will Spring come?
When will the nights pull back and the days start to get longer?
When will we see the sun?
When will the grey, grey days go away?
When will the wind stop?
When will we be able to walk out without layers of clothing, without thinking of the struggle to get to the post office, to the shops, to the bus?

We've had almost no snow. You can see it on the hills - and you can always see the hills from almost anywhere in Edinburgh, even from the city centre.

But there has been no snow. Just a flurry or two scattered through the winter months. But nothing that has settled.

Snow is an ambivalent creature. It's all white and welcoming, but then it turns to slush. As pure as the driven slush, as the actress Tallulah Bankhead said of herself.

Of course, in some places (I am thinking of the time I spent in Finland) the air is so dry that the snow settles and remains crisp and white for months.

And apparently the snow was knee deep in Edinburgh for months, just four yea…

Who Uses Squidoo?

I was clearing out some Safari bookmarks and I came across a 'lens' I had made on Squidoo a million years ago.
I wondered how popular Squidoo still is. Here are the Alexa stats.

To love life, one must be willing to take whatever comes. (Marty Rubin)