Friday, February 14, 2014

We are offering a free trial of Quillcards ecard service

Quillcards is an ecard service that is intuitive and easy to use, and you can access it on any computer from anywhere with an internet connection.

Here are the details of our no-obligation free trial

  • The free trial runs for 72 hours that starts when you send your first ecard.
  • You can send as many cards as you like within the trial period.
  • The people you send your ecards to have 30 days in which to open them.
  • You will get an email notification for every ecard that is picked up by the recipients.
  • There's no registration and we don't ask for any credit card information for your free trial.
  • The only stipulation is that you must only send ecards to people you know personally (so no spamming and no sending to unknown business prospects, for example).

To get started with your free trial, just browse the images on Quillcards and click on one you like. A message will come up asking whether you want to send an ecard. Click to say yes and write your ecard. It's as simple as that. You don't register or sign in - just start sending ecards - and you can send as many ecards as you like during your free trial.

If you join and become a member there are additional features such as being able to address your ecards with one click, send to five people at once, store contacts, set reminders for birthdays, and more.

For a modest yearly membership fee you get access to the entire range of ecards and you can send as many greetings as you like all year around.

To become a member, click the Join button. Membership is $20.00 per year and there are discounts when you join for two or three years. We have members all around the world.

In case you're wondering, Quillcards ecards can be sent and viewed on any computer, tablet, or phone… including the iPad and the iPhone.

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