Friday, February 21, 2014



- Noun
One who jigs or dances a jig
An odd-looking person
A woman’s short loose-fitting jacket
Steps notched in a tree upon which an axman stands to fell the tree
A block used to hold a cable while it is being heaved onto a ship
A small sail
A sieve for separating ore
Hooks arranged around a central hook and trawled on the seabed to catch fish
A hook for couple trams
A horizontal lathe used in making china
A set of rollers for graining (polishing) leather
A machine for hardening felted fabric by beating
A rest used in billiards
A drawing knife used by barrel makers
A railway car drawn by a single horse
A machine to indicate the price at which a sale has been made
A small weight used to round up the weight of coins
A device of rollers for passing cloth through a dye-bath
A high-frequency transformer
A battery-operated device for giving electric shocks to mentally retarded children
A door
A prison
A cell
A back alley between houses
An illicit still
A measure of spirits

- Verb
To make a succession of rapid jerks as with a fish struggling to get free of a hook
As a substitute for a profane oath (I’ll be jiggered)

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