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- Noun
One who jigs or dances a jig
An odd-looking person
A woman’s short loose-fitting jacket
Steps notched in a tree upon which an axman stands to fell the tree
A block used to hold a cable while it is being heaved onto a ship
A small sail
A sieve for separating ore
Hooks arranged around a central hook and trawled on the seabed to catch fish
A hook for couple trams
A horizontal lathe used in making china
A set of rollers for graining (polishing) leather
A machine for hardening felted fabric by beating
A rest used in billiards
A drawing knife used by barrel makers
A railway car drawn by a single horse
A machine to indicate the price at which a sale has been made
A small weight used to round up the weight of coins
A device of rollers for passing cloth through a dye-bath
A high-frequency transformer
A battery-operated device for giving electric shocks to mentally retarded children
A door
A prison
A cell
A back alley between houses
An illicit still
A measure of spirits

- Verb

We are offering a free trial of Quillcards ecard service

Quillcards is an ecard service that is intuitive and easy to use, and you can access it on any computer from anywhere with an internet connection.

Here are the details of our no-obligation free trialThe free trial runs for 72 hours that starts when you send your first ecard.You can send as many cards as you like within the trial period.The people you send your ecards to have 30 days in which to open them.You will get an email notification for every ecard that is picked up by the recipients.There's no registration and we don't ask for any credit card information for your free trial.The only stipulation is that you must only send ecards to people you know personally (so no spamming and no sending to unknown business prospects, for example).
To get started with your free trial, just browse the images on Quillcards and click on one you like. A message will come up asking whether you want to send an ecard. Click to say yes and write your ecard. It's as simple as that. You don&…


From Catch the Buzz
“At Bayer, we strongly believe that advancing sustainable solutions for honey bee health requires ongoing collaboration with partners and stakeholders,” said Becky Langer-Curry, manager of the North American Bee Care Program. “Through our mobile Bee Care Tour stop, Bayer successfully fostered interaction directly with supporters of bee health in Washington to heighten discussion, increase awareness regarding good stewardship practices and encourage the sharing of ideas.”

This is Bayer, the chemical company whose neonicotinoid pesticides have been banned in the European Union and elsewhere...

Repeat And Repeat In My Ear (or Website)

This is where to get patterned backgrounds for websites.

The one quality above all that a repeat background pattern must have is that it appears seamless. If it is poorly made then the mismatch between adjacent tiles will introduce lines or shapes that are not part of the design.

I have tried making tiles myself from scratch in Photoshop, but I don't have the patience to set the designs up perfectly, and it showed in the patterns I made.

I have used Patterncooler and Subtlepatterns. They are different. You might think the Patterncooler designs are too bold and garish. Or you might think the Subtlepatterns designs are too boring. It's a matter of taste and choice.

I have not used Patternhead or Pattern8. I came across them on the web and added them to this roundup. It's usually very easy to delete a background you don't like... just one click and it's gone.

Here are some screen grabs to show you what the different offerings are like. Patterncooler has a built-in col…

Waterlogue and Valentine's Day Ecards (from 'Light Reading')

No point in writing at length about the Waterlogue app for iPad and iPhone; here's the blurb:

You don’t need to paint to create beautiful watercolor images—Waterlogue captures the essence of your photos in brilliant, liquid color.
...and here's the link to the app.

And now let's take a look at some images.

I photographed some cutlery in a cafe last year and I ran it through Waterlogue a couple of days ago and then Tamara and I added some text to make a Valentine's Day card for Quillcards.

And here is a cockerel that I photographed at a city farm a couple of years ago. Again with some text from Tamara to make a Valentine's Day card for Quillcards.

I like the play on words with the double meaning of comb.

More EcardsThere are 40+ Valentine's Day ecards at Quillcards. Quillcards is a subscription service costing $20.00/yr and there's a free trial (no credit card information or registration required). Take a look. We have members all around the world...

As you ca…

Social And Economic Justice For All

A society that creates institutions
that are based on care
will create a society
of people who care.

A society that promotes
social and economic justice
will create a society
of people who believe
in the society in which they live.

What if this idea is wrong? What if men will tear each other limb from limb given half an opportunity? Well let's give this idea a chance and believe that men and women will put up with a lot and cooperate when they believe they are all being given a fair shake.

Content Curation Sites - Two And A Half Free Ones

Before I get into the curation sites, I want to mention that I made this image with the iPhone (and iPad) app Waterlogue. I plan to talk about Waterlogue in my next post.

It is not an image straight out of the app. I imported it onto my laptop and then copied the central section to make three flamingoes.

I plan to upload the image to our ecard site at Quillcards and will do so in the next day or two when we also upload a bunch of Valentine's Day images with quotes or text - all based on Waterlogue images. I'm looking forward to it.

Meanwhile, back to the curation sites. There are others besides these three, including some very heavyweight (aka expensive) ones for companies that want to build their online presence that way.

That's because as well as curating content, all of them can also be used to publish original content. In other words, they are micro-sites as well as being curation sites pulling in content from elsewhere.

RebelMouse I mentioned the Rebel Mouse content …