Saturday, December 7, 2013

Self Expression

When I was in South America some years ago I met a couple who were on a round-the-world trip. 

They were unhappy at how quickly the demands of the flight schedule was pushing them onwards, even though their trip was a year long.

I knew the feeling.

I recall once walking along a beach in Spain and sensing the feeling of being able to keep on going. Just keep on going.

 Back to the couple in South America, they were psychiatric nurses who badly needed a break from work - hence the trip.

 I thought they were both wound up and 'difficult' to be with, the man more so than the woman. But then one day he came back with a guitar.

He had held out on buying one, but couldn't stand it any more.

 He sat in the kitchen - I was the only other person there - and he played My Funny Valentine.

His playing was poignant, heartbreaking, and clear.

 The difficulties in his self expression with words just disappeared.

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