Pelican Cards Launched

Like Kon-Tiki on the high seas.
Selling to retail and trade customers. Retail sales to customers in the UK only.
Foreign-based trade customers don't expect orders to be delivered abroad. It is normal to agree delivery to a UK address for onward transmission via the buyer's agent. So trade sales are effectively worldwide.

Greeting cards and posters.

We are thinking of adding gift wrap to the range. But first things first.
We have to figure out a way to get cards printed in the States for sale there. Someone has to look after the retail side. We might try it with Amazon FBA (fulfilled by Amazon) at first.
We have also opened an Etsy store and a Zazzle store. Additional sales channels are not only a way of making more sales, but of seeing what people like.

This is the link to   Pelican Cards

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