Saturday, August 10, 2013

Assembly Rooms Fringe: Unseen, not Unexplained - Functional Neurological Symptoms

9 August 2013 at The Famous Spiegeltent, Edinburgh

Dr Jon Stone, Consultant Neurologist in Edinburgh and a tiny audience gathered in the Spiegeltent on George Street in Edinburgh.

Dr Stone spoke about the meaning and treatment of functional neurological symptoms.

Example - stammering.

Example - a patient suffers from a tremor in the right hand, but when they are directed to pay attention to their left had by making some complex movement, the tremor in the right hand dances in tune with the left or stops trembling.

Some patients are wheelchair-bound because of functional neurological symptoms.

It's not 'all in the mind' and it makes no sense to say so. It's in the brain and the way the brain works.

More at Dr Stone's website at Neurosymptoms

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