Thursday, July 18, 2013

Pinboard Soovle Qwant Goolli

I don't recall where I heard about Pinboard but it coincided with me having become disenchanted with the Delicious social bookmarking site because I could never easily find things I had bookmarked.

There was also the small annoyance that every time I save something using the bookmarklet, Delicious would then open a blank page. Nothing on the page - nada - and I would then just shut it down.

So I read Pinboard's pricing system of a one-time very low fee and saw how it arranged things. And... then I read the blog and that told me that the man who runs Pinboard has a value system with which I could identify.

So I signed up and I'm happy with it.

The last couple of things I have pinned are Soovle, Qwant, and - all alternative search engines. claims that Qwant copied its approach. I wouldn't know, but check them out and see what they do.

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