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Paddle - Bundlehunt $7 Deal - I Said Yes

Last night I got an email from Paddle - a company that does deals and describes itself as 'the easiest way to buy and discover digital content.'

Their email said they had a deal through Bundlehunt and the blurb for that said
We've partnered with 14 of the world's finest web designers and developers to bring you our first-ever $7 bundle. That's right. You just pay $7 to grab your copy of our Mega Creativity Bundle.
Don’t miss out on this visually stunning Lifetime creativity Bundle. With SmashingMagazine e-book bundle, Themify WordPress Themes, Adobe certified training courses, Vector Icons sets, design elements and more…you can create virtually anything you put your mind to.
With $463 worth of files for only $7, what on earth are you waiting for? Don’t miss your chance to get the Creativity Bundle. Hurry and get your copy before it's too late.
What’s Included?
Themes-a-plenty! - 5 top quality WordPress Themes.
eBooks - 4 Best Selling eBooks
Icons Love - 200+ high quality icons suitable for web and mobile designs.
Glorious Graphics and sets! - 1 Year Premium account with Commercial license to a huge collection of design elements.
Online courses - Unlimited access to one of the best adobe training courses!
Photoshop actions bundle- 20 "Clean and Crisp Photo Actions Bundle"
1 Premium "Privacy Policy Agreement"
2 month quality web hosting made for creative designers
Retail value: $463. You pay just: $7!
After purchasing, you'll get instant access to the full-items of your creativity bundle.
- BundleHunt Team
$7.00? How could I say no?

Well at least it was worth a look. Some bits didn't interest me, but I'd seen the themes from Themify - and here was a chance to take two and see how they behaved. And two months hosting for free with Pixeno meant I would have somewhere to host them.

I took up the offer of the deal, chose the Sidepane and Edmin Wordpress themes from Themify, (I already had a spare domain I could use) and set up the hosting.

Time will tell, but the host (Pixeno is based in the UK with its datacenter in Maidenhead) is behaving nicely and everything is working nice and fast.

So now I am just looking at the one month free Adobe training with TrainSimple. The intro panel when I joined for my free 30 days training says:

You're now ready to view our entire collection of training videos. You have unlimited access, watch what you want when you want. Each time you login to your account, you will be brought to your account page. You can manage your subscription, view recently viewed courses, and find our most recent releases. Start Learning! 
Tell the world you have access to Train Simple's training library

So, as I am writing this there are 45 hours left on the deal at Bundlehunt

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