Saturday, April 27, 2013


I wondered why fiery is spelled as it is, bearing in mind that it is an adjective from fire. So why not, firey?

I learned that fier is an old Middle English spelling of fire, and that it came about in a time of the re-rendering of 'foreign' words - in this case from the Old English word - fyr.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

In A Courtyard In Edinburgh

There is a long street in Edinburgh that runs from the castle down to Holyrood. In a quite courtyard, I came across this that made me think of somewhere in Europe - Germany perhaps.

86 Environmental Academics Attack UK Government For Reneging On Marine Conservations Zones

At the beginning of March I wrote an article on the Quillcards Blog about the UK government's reneging from its promise to set up 127 Marine Conservation Zones around the UK.

Instead, the Government proposes just 31 zones, and none is fully protected.

I wrote the article in support of the work of the protest group at Fish Fight.

Now, as reported in the Guardian, scientists have attacked the government climbdown on marine protection.


Now 86 environmental academics have written to Benyon, David Cameron and the environment secretary, Owen Paterson urging them to beef up their plans for protection.
"We have seen spectacular devastation in the Irish sea in the last 20 years, for example, due to scallop dredging and prawn trawling. As fish stocks get ever more squeezed, the use of ever more destructive gear is spreading. This is happening now and protection is long overdue," said Professor Callum Roberts, at the University of York and one of the experts. "Even if all 31 MPZs were established, it will fall far short of what is needed to recover and safeguard English seas. The process has been seriously mishandled, potentially condemning the marine environment to many more years of overexploitation and degradation."
Roberts said: "There is a strong suspicion among my colleagues that the government has yielded to political pressure from the fishing industry, in effect handing them control over a process that was meant to be democratic and inclusive."

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Business For Britain Is Concerned With Business For Britain

This report in the New York Times today

LONDON — Is British business fretting about the risks of the country drifting out of the European Union? Or does it crave a looser relationship with Continental allies, one free from meddlesome regulation?
The answer to that question remained unclear Monday after a newly formed group of business leaders argued for a renegotiation of Britain’s membership terms — echoing the policy of Prime Minister David Cameron, who in January promised voters a referendum on whether the country would remain in the Union.
The new group, called Business for Britain, is intended to counter the intervention of pro-E.U. business leaders who have warned of the dangers of Britain slipping out of the 27-nation bloc and its single market of 500 million people. A statement released Monday to announce the group’s formation was signed by about 500 executives.

I think this opinion in the New York Times article is interesting:

Never much attracted to the idea of European unity, the British public tends to see the Union in terms of value for money. That means that the verdict of high-profile business leaders is crucial.
If you are not in Europe you might ask how else anyone might see the EU, no matter whether they live in Britain or any of the other countries that make up the EU.

The answer is that part of the founding fathers' dream for the EU was that it would make war in Europe in the future less likely.

If one has that view, then the financial benefit or burden becomes less important.

And the name of the organisation seeking to renegotiate the terms becomes clearer - it is concerned with  business, business for Britain, not for, within, or as part of the EU.

Business For Britain

The website of Business For Britain has the list of signatories.

I like to keep this kind of thing because it help me get a handle on who is doing what and why.

So I'm putting a list of the names here.

As business leaders and entrepreneurs responsible for millions of Britishcvjobs, we believe that the Government is right to seek a new deal for the EU and for the UK’s role in Europe. Far from being a threat to our economic interests, a flexible, competitive Europe, with more powers devolved from Brussels, is essential for growth, jobs and access to markets. We therefore welcome the launch of Business for Britain’s campaign for real change in the EU and urge all political parties to join in committing themselves to a national drive to renegotiate the terms of Britain’s membership of the EU.

Piers Adam
Andrew Adamson, Snr Business Analyst
Farid Ahmed, Dir, Wolf Unique
Clive Aitkenhead, Pnr, Clive C Aitkenhead Financial Consultant
Christopher Aldous, CEO, Evercore Pan-Asset
Simon Aldridge, Snr Pnr, Cadogan Advisory Services
Charles Alexander, Chm, Opera Rara Andrew Allum, Pnr, LEK Consulting
Tim Ambler, Fmr Snr Fellow, London Business School
David Anderson, Pnr, EPL Advisory
John Anderson, Chm, JO Hambro Investment Management
Philip Andrews, Dir, FW Woundcare Tech Henry Angest, CEO, Arbuthnot Banking Gp Johnnie Arkwright, Dir, Bowmans Leisure Terry Arthur, Fdr, TG Arthur & Co
Jeremy Asher, Chm, Tower Resources
Edward Atkin, Fdr, Avent
Mark Austen
Nick Aylwin, Blairmore Capital
Edward Azouz, Chm, AR&V Investments
Ceanan Baird, Owner, Stonehaven Management
Peter Baker, Fmr MD, Schlesinger Investment Management Services
Sir Anthony Bamford, Chm, JCB
Patrick Barbour, Fmr Chm, Barbour Index
Gordon Black, Chm, Black Family Investments
Richard Boggis-Rolfe, Chm, Odgers Berndtson
Richard Bonsor, Non-Exec Dir, JO Hambro Investment Management
Lord Borwick, Chm, Federated Trust Corp
Julian Bower, Owner, Julian Bower Underwriting
Keith Boyfield, Dir, Keith Boyfield Assoc David Boynette, MD, Kew Insurance Services
John Brackenbury, Chm, Avanti Communications Gp
Bob Bradley, MD, MD2MD
Jeremy Bradshaw, Dir, Argo Capital Management
Richard Brewster
Lady Bridgeman, Fdr, Bridgeman Art Library
Henry Briggs, Pnr, Haines Watts
Robert Broadhurst, Tax Dir, Medical Tax
Steve Broadhurst, Dir, WTH North
Ken Brook-Chrispin, Chm, Seabrook Crisps
Peter Brown, Chm, Synergy Holdings
Gordon Brown, Group Chm, Spire Gp
Andrew Brownrigg, CEO, Haslemere Travel
Ryszard Bublik, CEO, Social360
Cameron Buchanan, MD, Cunningham & Co
Adrian Buckley, CEO, Buckley Jewellery
Simon Burgess, MD, IMS Gp
Richard Burrows, Chm, British American Tobacco
Andrew Cook, Chm, William Cook Holdings
Anna Cook, Fdr, Ward Cook Associates
Anthony Cooke, Fmr Chm, Ellerman Lines
James Cooke, Fdr, James Cooke Coaching
David Cooper, Dir, Commercial Litigation Funding
Richard Corbett, MD, Corbett Farms
The Earl of Cork & Orrery, Chm, Maritime Investment Holdings
Alan Cosby, Chm, GB Kent & Sons
Kevin Court, MD, Corochem
Peter Cruddas, Exec Chm, CMC Markets
David Crum, MD, Newton Crum Insurance Agents
Leon Cutler, Head of Investor Relations, Mercury Media Science
John Cutts, CEO, Pall Mall Capital
Dev Dadral, Chm, SWIIS Intll
Lord Daresbury, Chm, Daresbury Properties
Alexander Darwall, Head of European Equities, Jupiter Asset Management
Dennis Davidson, Fdr, DDA
Mark Davies, Group CEO, Fleming Family & Partners
Clive Dawson, Chm, CEC Gp
Colin Day, Fmr Dir, Henderson Global Investors
Anthony Deal
Richard Debenham, MD, Elevation Lift Services
Mary-Anne Denison-Pender, MD, Mahout
Brian Denney, Chm, Henderson Employee Benefits
Adam Fleming, Chm, Fleming Family & Partners Chris Fletcher, Non-Exec Dir, AIC
Lord Flight, Chm, Flight & Partners
Mark Florman, CEO, BCVA
Con Folkes, CEO, Folkes Holdings Seymour Fortescue, Chm, The Portman Gp
James France-Hayhurst, Chm, Sitequest Offices Gp
David Franks, Chm, BFI Limited
Michael Freeman, Co-Fdr, Argent Property Gp
John Frieda, Fdr, John Frieda Professional Hair Care Inc
Haruko Fukuda, Non-Exec Dir, Investec
Anthony Fuller, President, Fuller, Smith & Turner
Clive Furness, MD, Cotango Markerts Roger Gabb, Dir, Bibendum Wine
Dr Peter Galgut, Dir, PG Services
Steve Gange, Owner, The 66 Partnership Richard Gardner, Snr Pnr, RJG Accountants Hugh Geddes, Architect
Sir Richard George, Fmr Chm, Weetabix
Philip Gibbs, Fund Mgr, Jupiter Gp
Michael Gibson, Chm, HP Gibson & Sons
Dr Peter Gilbert, Proprietor, Dunstanburgh Castle Golf Course
John Gildersleeve, Deputy Chm, Carphone Warehouse
Ewen Gilmour, Chm, Hampden Agencies
Rupert Hambro, Chm, JO Hambro
Dr David Hammond, Chartered Accountant
Graham Hampson Silk, Chm, Hampson Holdings
Nigel Hanbury, Owner, Upperton Holdings
Giles Hankinson, Paperless Receipts
John Harris, Fdr, Alba
Prof Phil Harris, Westminster Chair of Marketing & Public Affairs, University of Chester
Lord Harris, Chm, Carpetright
David Harvey, Fmr Dir, SG Warburg Securities Division
Sir Michael Heller, Chm, London & Associated Properties
Oliver Hemsley, CEO, Numis Securities John Hickman, Fdr, Kingston Est.
Alan Hill, MD, Mountcity Investments Robert Hiscox, Chm, Hiscox Insurance Alexander Hoare, Mng Pnr, C Hoare & Co Henry Hoare, Pnr, C Hoare & Co
Richard Hoare, Pnr, C Hoare & Co Stephen Hodgson, Snr Mgr, Deloitte Daniel Hodson, Fmr CEO, LIFFE Phillip Hodson, Chm, Oval
John Hoerner, Fmr CEO, Tesco Central European Clothing
Nigel Holder, Owner, Reuter Fairhall
David Holman, Chm, John Holman Holdings Ian Hopkins, Chartered Accountant
Nigel Johnson-Hill, MD, Vintry Classic Wines
Sir Raymond Johnstone, Owner, Alva Estates
Christopher Joll, Snr Pnr, MJ2 Events
Christopher Jolly, MD, Jolly Learning
Edward Jones, CEO, PMB Holdings
Peter Jones, Chm, Barracuda Gp
Michael Julien, Fmr CEO, Storehouse
Lord Kalms, President, Dixons Retail Plc
Gerald Kaye, Development Dir, Helical Bar
David Kempton, Proprietor, Kempton Holdings
John Kersey, MD, Kersey Hairdressing
Sir Henry Keswick, Chm, Jardine Matheson Holdings
John Kilgour, MD, Fife Gp
Paul Killik, Fdr, Killik & Co
David King, Non-Exec Dir
Brian Kingham, Chm, Reliance Security Gp
Nicholas Kirk, Dir, Aslan Investments
Peter Kleeman, Fdr, Allside Asset Management
Julian Lakin, Head of Research, Mirabaud Securities
Stuart Lamb, Chm, William Lamb Footwear Michael Langdon, Chm, Rutland Partners Sir Andrew Large
David Lascelles, Snr Fellow, CSFI
Damon de Laszlo, Chm, Harwin
William de Laszlo, Snr Exec, RCapital Partners
Gary Lydiate, CEO, Kilfrost Gp Harry Lyon-Smith, MD, Illustration
Angus MacDonald, Chm, Specialist Waste Recycling
Grant Macdonald, Dir, Grant Macdonald Silversmiths
William MacDougall, Co-MD, MacDougall Arts
Charles MacKinnon, Pnr, Thurleigh Investment Managers
Nicolas MacLean, CEO, MWM Asia
Alastair MacMillan, Dir, Hy-Power Products
David MacMillan, Dir, White House Products
Andrew Maconie, CEO, Licensing Management Intl
Sir Laurie Magnus, Chm, Magnus Whyte Property Investments
Tony Mahalski, Chm, Mahalski Partners
Angus Maitland, Chm, Maitland Consultancy
Colin Maitland, Chm, Netcentrix
Martin Makey, Chm, Codel Intll
John Manser, Dir, Shaftesbury
John Mantkelow, Fmr Pnr, PWC
Viscount Marchwood, Fmr Chm, Moët Hennessy UK
John Marston, Chm, Marston Properties Holdings
Stephen Martin, Vice Chm, Arco
John May, Fdr, Hillhouse Nexus
Cullum McAlpine, Pnr, Sir Robert McAlpine Roddy McDougall, Dir, Rediweld Holdings
Duncan O’Kelly, Snr Pnr, Duncan O’Kelly Partnership
David Ord, MD, The Bristol Port Co Mark Osborne, MD, William Powell Noel Osborne, Publisher, Phillimore Jeremy Owen, Dir, Vita
Jonathan Owen, MD, JLOwen
Ian Page, Chm, CTL Components
Robin Parish, Chm, El Oro
Richard Patient, MD, Indigo Public Affairs
Oliver Pawle, Fdr, New Entrepreneurs Foundation
Rupert Pearce Gould, CEO, Cambridge Corporate Consultants
David Pennock, Chm, Astell Scientific
Algernon Percy, Dir, JO Hambro Investment Management
Tom Pindar, Board Chm, Barnard & Westwood
Antony Pinsent, Fdr, Oval
George Pinto, Fmr Dir, Kleinwort Benson Bob Potter, MD, Bob Potter Leisure
David Potter, Guinness Mahon Gp
Kit Power, Fmr Chm, Spencer Stuart & Assoc William Powlett Smith, Owner, Finegand Estates Hugh Price, Chm, Alwen Hough Johnson Bruno Prior, Dir, Summerleaze
Peter Pugh, Chm, Icon Books
David Pusinelli, Non-Exec Dir, Stanley Gp
The Marquess of Salisbury
William Salomon, Snr Pnr, Hansa Capital Partners
Michael Samuel, Fmr CEO, Mayborn Gp
John Sanders, Non-Exec Dir, CIT Bank
Bill Scarborough, Dir, B2 Retail
Andrew Scrimgeour, Chm, AJS Labels
Graham Sedgley, Principal, Peplow Recruitment Services
Andrew Sells, Fmr Chm, Garden Centre Gp
Christopher Sharples
Ben Shearer, MD, Peligoni Club
Tom Sheldon, Non-Exec Dir, Turkey Mill Investments
Ivan Shenkman, MD, PSL
Michael Shepherd, Fomer Owner, Tudor Leathergoods
Peter Shirley, MD, Midland Food Gp Richard Shore, MD, Mentor Training
Christian Siegl, Exec Dir, Sovereign Star Trade Finance
Peter Simon, Fdr, Monsoon Accessorize David Simons, Fmr Dir, Segro
Alistair Sivill, Fmr Technical Dir, United House Gp
Mike Slade, CEO, Helical Bar
Hugh Sloane, Fdr, Sloane Robinson
Richard Smith, MD, HR Smith Gp
Alastair Smith, Mng Pnr, Frostrow Capital
Geoffrey Sneglar, Chm, Capricorn Capital Partners
David & Joanna Thomas, Principals, Thomas’s Day Schools
Ian Thompson, Head of Cross Commodity Options, FIS Singapore Pte
Darell Thompson-Schwab, Retired Associate, Brewin Dolphin
Ben Thomson, Chm, Reform Scotland Kjeld Thygesen, Chm, Lion Resources Richard Tice, CEO, CLS Holdings John Tilney, MD, Double-Eight
James Townshend, CEO, Velcourt Gp Anthony Travis, Fmr Chm, Travis Perkins Rupert Trefgarne, Pnr, College Hill
Hugh Trevor-Jones, Chm, Lowe & Fletcher Edmund Truell, CEO, Tungsten Corp
Rod Turner, Chm, Whale Tankers
Mark Tyndall, Snr Pnr, Artemis Investment Management
Moni Varma, Chm, Veetee Gp
Timothy Vince, CEO, Moggerhanger Park
Lord Vinson, Fmr Dir, British Airports Authority
Tim Wade, Mng Pnr, Kinrah Farms
Charles Wake, Chm, St Andrews Healthcare
David Walker, The Saladin Security Gp
Patrick Wallace, Pnr, Arkle Partners
Robert Wallace, Pnr, The Bryer Wallace Dental Practice
Joseph Wan, Group CEO, Harvey Nichols & Co
Grahame Barker, Chm, Butterfly Gp John Barkshire, Fdr, LIFFE
Peter Barton
Jonathan Bass, CEO, Incentivated William Bavin, Chm, House of Marbles Toby Baxendale, Entrepeneur
Neville Baxter, Dir, RH Development
David Beard, CEO, Floating Concepts
Julian Beauchamp, CEO, Microsolv Systems
Sir Philip Beck, Fmr Chm, John Mowlem & Co
Kate Beech, MD, Noble Lancaster Partnership Adrian Beecroft, Chm, Dawn Capital
Nigel Beevor, Fmr Finance Dir, British Coal Pension Funds
Lord Bell, Chm, BPP Communications
David Benson, Pnr, Benson Weymss Farms Jack Bentata, Fmr CEO, Advance Textiles Nic Bentley, Chm, Bentley Reid Gp
Grahame Berkeley, Chm, Berkeley Burke Gp Charles Berry, Chm, Berry Palmer & Lyle Jamie Berry, Fdr, Berry Asset Management Roger Berry, MD, Healthmatic
Anthony Bickford
James Bidwell, CEO, Cass Art
John Biggin, MD, TruckEast
Lord Bilimoria, Chm, Cobra Beer Partnership Bevis Billingham, MD, Testemp
Kate Bingham, Mng Pnr, SV Life Sciences Robin Birley
Adam Black, Fmr MD, Feather & Black
Mark Butler, Chm, Aero Sekur
Charles Butter, Fmr Dir, Saffron Digital
Angus Cameron, Dir, Cambrook Foods
Michael Campbell, Chm, The Ellis Campbell Gp
Mark Cannon Brookes
John Cardwell, Dir, Lymm Truckwash
Peter Caroe, Fmr Equity Pnr, Knight Frank
Fred Carr, Chm, M&G High Income Investment Trust
Noland Carter, Chief Investment Officer, Heartwood Investment Management
Edward Cartwright, Pnr, HUB Capital Management
Michel de Carvalho
Wyndham Carver
Stephen Catlin, CEO, Catlin Gp
John Caudwell, Entrepreneur & Philanthropist
Julian Cazalet, Chm, Herald Investment Trust
Lord Valentine Cecil, Chm, Brookwood Capital
Jonathan Chenevix-Trench, Co-Fdr, African Century Gp
Ian Cheshire, Gp CEO, Kingfisher plc John Clement, Fmr Chm, Unigate Richard Clement, Dir, IPPlus
Andrew Clowes, Dir, AHC & Partners Tim Coates, CEO, Bilbary
Jonathan Cohen, Dir, IDDAS
Anthony Colburn, Dir, HA Colburn & Son Victoria Collar-Brown, Pnr, IPC
Alan Colls, Fmr Chm, AON Gp
The Earl of Derby, Owner, Knowsley Safari Park
George Dibben, Chm, Healthmatic Olivia Dickson, Non-Exec Dir, Investec
Tim Dier, Exec Dir, Morgan Stanley & Co International
David Donnelly, Chm, Caithness Petroleum Lloyd Dorfman, Fdr, Travelex Gp
William Drake, Co-Fdr, Lord North Street Alexander Ealey, MD, Bellevue Homes Roger Earl, Chm, Carabela Consultants Rachel Elnaugh, Entrepreneur
James Emery, Business Development Dir, Skogstad UK
Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones, Fdr, The Black Farmer
Michael Eve, Chm, East Street Ventures
Patrick Evershed
Michael Faber, Chm, Lyall Management
Alastair Farley, Pnr, Watson Farley & Williams
Nigel Farmer, MD, Welcome Homes David Fell, Chm, SI Seafarms
Adrian de Ferranti, Chm, Ferranti Matthew Ferrey, CEO, Ranworth Capital François Feuillat, Pnr, Vinson & Elkins John Fifield, Chm, Fifield Glyn
Michael Finch, MD, Casagrande UK
Sir Robert Finch
Dale Fishburn, Fmr Chm, Fishburn Hedges Guy Fisher, Fmr Mng Pnr, Shipleys
John Gimson, Dir, Arundel Business Assoc
James Glancy, Fmr Divisional MD, Teather & Greenwood
David Glass, Chm, Lakeside Developments
Barry Gleeson, Fmr Technical Dir, Pindar Set
Ben Goldsmith, Pnr, WHEB Partners
Peter Goldstein, Co-Fdr, Superdrug
Campbell Gordon, Mng Pnr, Optimus Capital
Nickie Gott, MD, She’s Gott It
Robin Gourlay, Fmr Chm, Anglian Water
Ross Gow, CEO, Acuity Reputation
Sir Alexander Graham, Fmr Deputy Chm, The Frizzell Gp
John Graham, MD, Coltsfoot Consultants
Ross Graham, Fmr Dir, Misys
Geoffrey Granter, Fmr Chm, United House Gp
Lord Grantley, Fmr Dir, HSBC Project & Export Finance
Richard Green, Dir, JH & FW Green
Thomas Griffin, Fmr Chm, GT Management
David Griffith, Fmr Dir, Griffith & Partners
Michael Grizaard, Dir, Constant Est.
Tim Guinness, Chief Investment Officer, Guinness Atkinson
Tony Hacker, Company Mgr, Berwick Care Homes
David Haggie, Snr Pnr, Haggie Partners Linford Haggie, Fdr, Graphic Alliance Alan Haigh, Chm, Minster Services
Alan Halsall, Chm, Silver Cross Holdings Peter Hambro
Valerie Hopkins, MD, Humanitas Consulting
John Horseman, Co-Owner, Horseman Capital Management
Denzil How, Chm, Rediweld Holdings Tony Howard, Dir, of Logistics, HATS Gp Kevin Hughes, MD, Hughes & Partners Luke Hughes, MD, Luke Hughes & Co David Hunter
Greg Hutchings, Dir, GCH Capital Lord Iliffe, Chm, Yattendon Gp
The Earl of Inchcape, Chm, Gray Dawes Travel
Malcolm Innes, Owner, Malcolm Innes Pictures
Rupert Irving, Mng Pnr, Patterson Irving
Paul Ives, Editor, The Letting Centre
Michael Jackaman, Fmr Chm, Allied Domecq
Richard Jackson, Chm, Yorkshire Ventures Clive Jacobs, Chm, Travel Weekly Gp Alastair James, Professional Services Firm Andrew Jamieson, MD, Keltruck
John Jay, Business Development Pnr, Brompton Asset Management
Simon Jeffs, MD, Orange Aero
Nick Jenkins, Fdr,
Michael Johns, Pnr, K&L Gates
Dominic Johnson, Fdr, Somerset Capital Management
Luke Johnson, Chm, Patisserie Valerie Michael Johnson, Dir, Embrace Success Nigel Johnson, Chm, Burford Garden Co
Alastair Laurie-Walker, CEO, Synthetic Capital Advisers
Patrick Laycock, Dir, Marville Properties
Ruth Lea, Economic Adviser, Arbuthnot Banking Gp
Johnny Leavesley, Leavesley Gp Ken Lees, Company Dir, KGL
Howard Leigh, Snr Pnr, Cavendish Corporate Finance
Edward Leigh-Pemberton, MD, Berners-Allsopp Estate
Roy Leighton, British Expertise Council John Lever, Chm, JGL Operations
David Lewis, MD, DL Aviation Consulting David Lewis
John Lewis, Chm, Photo-Me Intll Richard Leworthy, Entrepreneur
Michael Liebreich, Fdr, Bloomberg New Energy Finance
Andrew Lindsay, Dir, Lupton Fawcett Lee & Priestley
Antony Littleton
John Lloyd, Fmr Group MD, Portals Gp
Richard Loftus, Pnr, Loftus Family Property
Tony Lonsdale
Mark Loveday, Fmr Snr Pnr, Cazenove & Co
David Lovell, Pnr, London Wall Partners
John Lovering, Chm, Maplin Electronics
Rupert Lowe, Fmr Chm, Southampton Leisure Holdings
Peter Lowery, Owner, Dayshaw Ronnie Lubner, Life Chm, Belron
Alistair McGeorge, Exec Chm, New Look Mark McLornan, Pnr, Agro Terra
Nigel McNair Scott
Prof Douglas McWilliams, Fdr, CEBR James Meade, Dir, Clifford & Candover Keith Miles
Edgar Miller, MD, Palladian John Mills, Chm, JML
Scott Milne, MD, General & Technical Flooring
Paul Mitchell, Chm, NCC Gp
David Mond, CEO, ClearDebt Gp
Gary Mond, MD, Redcliffe Training Associates
John Morris, Fmr CEO, Lloyd’s Broking
Anthony Mould, MD, Anthony Mould
Jon Moulton, Chm, Better Capital
John Mounsey, Dir, Trail Communications
Jon Moynihan, Exec Chm, PA Consulting Gp
Jamie Murray Wells, Chm, Glasses Direct
Richard Nichols, CEO, College Gp
James Nicholson, MD, MTI
Peter Nicholson, Chm, RMG Wealth Management
Christopher Nieper, MD, David Nieper
John Nike, Fdr, Nike Land Securities
Sir Timothy Noble, Chm, Polmaris Capital
Anthony de Normann, Dir, Jemm Capital
Richard Nunneley, Chm, EMAC Capital
Crispin Odey, Founding Pnr, Odey Asset Management
Hamish Ogston, Fdr, CPP Gp
Gareth Quarry, Exec Chm, Shilton Share Quarry
Tony Questa, Dir, Damarel Systems International
James Radcliffe, Fmr Independent Wine Merchant
John Ratcliff, Chm, The Ratcliff Gp
Dr Rami Ranger, Chm, Sun Mark
Michael Rawlinson, Dir, Liberum Capital
Christopher Rea, Entrepeneur
Neil Record, Chm, Record Currency Management
David Reid Scott, Chm, Stonehage
Jeremy Reiss, Export Dir, Blue Circle Industries
Robert Ringrose, Proprietor, RHR Consultancy
Sir John Ritblat, Delancey
Alex Ritson, MD, Convivial
Mark Roberts, MD, Loxton Developments
John Robertson, Pnr, AREA Property Partners
John Robins
Albena Robson, Dir, Robson Warren Architects
Gavin Rochussen, CEO, JO Hambro Capital Management
Sir Stuart Rose
Charles Rotheroe, MD, Acknowledge XC
John Royden, Research Officer, JM Finn
Richard Royden, Head of Special Situations Group, Canaccord Genuity
Christopher Russell, MD, Watercare Intl Alan Russell Smith, Dir, Dunbar Wharf Holdings
Harvey Soning, CEO, James Andrew Intl Andy Speed, Dir, Fine Home
Michael Spencer, CEO, ICAP
Richard Spiegelberg
Rod Sinclair
Sir James Spooner, Fmr Dir, John Swire & Sons
Andrew Stafford-Deitsch, Snr MD, Stephens Capital Partners
James Staughton, MD, St Austell Brewery
Matt Stephens, Fdr, Quest
Tim Stephenson, Chm, Stephenson & Co
Roy Stevens, Founding Pnr, Flackett Stevens & Associates
Lord Stevens, Fmr Chm, United Newspapers Simon Stilwell, CEO, Liberum Capital
Michael Stoddart, Chm, Communicaid Gp Michael Stone, Fmr Chm, ED&F Man
Olivia Stone, Dir, Tucker Stone
Peter Stormonth Darling, Fmr Chm, Mercury Asset Management
Prof Jonathan Story, Emeritus Prof of Intl Political Economy, INSEAD
Jamie Strauss, CEO, Strauss Partners
Peter Street, Owner, Cardboard Box Co
Neil Strong, Founding Pnr, Execution Re
James Sunley, CEO, The Sunley Gp
Rhoderick Swire, Pantheon Ventures
Henry Talbot-Ponsoby, Pnr, Venture Capital Partners
James Tanner, MD, Tanners Wines
Nick Taylor, Head of UK Equities, Charteris Treasury Portfolio Management
Adrian Watney, Dir, Portland Settled Estates Rupert Watson, Mng Pnr, Waltham Capital David Waugh, MD, Waughgroup
Richard Webb, Dir, See what you mean Michael Webster, Co-Fdr, Gorkana
Simon Wedgwood, Dir, Spital Square Simon Weil, Pnr, Bircham Dyson Bell Peter Welsh, MD, Hyde Gp Engineering David Wesley-Yates, MD, Universal Labels Oliver Whitehead, Chm, Silver Estates James Whitmore, Jas Truscott & Son
Jack Wigglesworth, Dir, Loppex
Charles Wigoder, Exec Chm, Telecom Plus
Nicko Williamson, Fdr, Climatecars
Clive Willoughby, Chm, Clive Willoughby & Associates
Caroline Wilson, Dir, Premier Nursing
John & Juliette Winter, CEO & Dir, Ruxley Ventures
Lord Wolfson, CEO, Next
Jon Wood, Fdr, SRM
Leigh Woolard, Dir, Arrow Digital Agency
James Woolf, CEO, Flow East
Jeremy Woolridge, Chm, BE Wedge Holdings
William Wyatt, CEO, Caledonia Investments
Stanislas Yassukovich, Fmr Chm, Merrill Lynch Europe
Chris Young, Dir, Christopher Young

Monday, April 22, 2013

Rich Brown Leaves In The Hedge

I think they are beech leaves. The hedge was neatly trimmed and because it was winter, the leaves were all dry and curled.

They were a lovely rich brown colour and densely hung like so many chrysalids in a network of thin twigs and branches.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Inadmissible Whistleblowers

The High Court in the UK has ruled that leaked embassy cables are inadmissible in evidence because they breach diplomatic privilege.

Article 24 of the Vienna Convention states that the archives and documents of the mission shall be inviolable at any time and wherever they may be.

Presumably the leaked cables contradicted the 'archives and documents of the mission' - but because the archives are inviolable, anything that contradicts them attacks their inviolability, and so is inadmissible.

I cannot help but wonder whether the Counsel for the Foreign Office felt smug when he slapped that in the face of the court?

Be that as it may, it was a gutless decision by the court.

The court may have intended to sidestep the decision, believing that an appeal would be made to a higher court.

But equally, the court could have decided to admit the evidence and let the defence make the move to appeal to a higher court.

Diplomatic Privileges Act 1964

Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations

Useless Oil And A Solution

The lead article in the Guardian today cites a report published today that says that carbon fuel reserves are overvalued.

The reason is that if environmental policies to reduce carbon emissions are implemented, most fossil fuel will be unable to meet the standards and will be 'unburnable'.

The report says that most industries are banking on the environmental policies not being implemented and are spending 1% of global GDP chasing more fossil fuels.

The good news is that according to the report commissioned by the then Chancellor Gordon Brown in 2006, the cost if transitioning to clean fuel is also 1%.

So if political leaders had the will, now is the cost effective time to transition.

Bringing Google+ Comments to your Blogger blog

Just read this article on the Google Blog that 'Starting today, you can bring Google+ Comments to your Blogger blog. Once you've enabled the feature through your Blogger Dashboard, you'll enjoy a number of important benefits:"

Then it says "To get started with Google+ Comments, just visit the Google+ tab of your Blogger Dashboard, and check “Use Google+ Comments.” (Older comments will continue to appear in the new widget.) You can also visit any post on the Official Google Blog (like this one), or on Blogger Buzz (like this one), to see Google+ Comments in action."

Blogger Buzz? Is that still around? I thought buzz had buzzed its last?

I checked the 'Use Google+ Comments' - so we should be in business. I did it for this and for my two Google+ Pages for Quillcards and Pelican Cards. 

Should I have checked off all three? 

Who knows.

So I took a look at the front end after I published, and I see that whichever of the profiles I check off last is the one that shows up as the G+ followers in the sidebar widget that I had previously set up.

So I have set this to me rather than to Quillcards or Pelican Cards by checking me, myself, moi off last.