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Hook Up With Content Providers

Deutsche Telekom broadband provider is giving its customers a pro subscription to Evernote.

Does that mean the Deutsche Telekom can collect the data on which of its customers stores a web address to Evernote? Just a thought.

Who else looks promising for a hook up?

Nearer to home, we'd like some organisation to partner with Quillcards. It would be easy to set up. The organisation offers its members the benefit of a subscription to Quillcards and gets the OK to send the member's name and email address to us. We then send out a link to a subscription. Easy.

Now who would benefit most from ecards featuring images of birds, animals, landscapes, and a range of quotations?

Heart and Mind

We say
He changed his mindHe had a change of heart I see that we say that with the mind - we do the changing, whereas with the heart - it is our heart that is changed.

Try reversing these: How does it sound in your ear, how does it read to you?
He changed his heartHe had a change of mind