Building A Website That Does Not Use Databases

I read an article on alternatives to Wordpress, and one of the suggestions was to build a site using GetSimple CMS.

I already had a spare domain hosted on my favourite web host for shared hosting, so I FTP'd into it and cleaned out the files and folders that were in there.

Then I downloaded the GetSimple folder and uploaded the contents to the server. The site was up and running in about 10 minutes.

There Was A Hitch

There was a hitch because the email that was supposed to arrive with the login password, didn't arrive. And I was locked out of the site.

I cleaned all the files off the server and was ready to put the whole thing down to experience.

But then I asked on the forums and saw that I needed to salt the config file. There's a GetSimple wiki for how to do that - it's very quick and simple to do.

So I started from scratch again and uploaded the package contents to the server. But before I logged out I opened the config file via FTP and salted it.

Now it worked because I could log in and log out and in again. I must ask on the forum whether, if I had salted the config file before uploading it to the server, the email would have arrived with the temp password as it should have.

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