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How Tall {Small} Was Charlotte Bronte

Charlotte Bronte was 4'9" or 4'10" (1.45m) with a very slight build.  One of her dresses that we saw today on display at the Bronte parsonage in Haworth looks tiny.

And, here's another fact: If her father had not changed his name when he came from Ireland to England to seek his fortune, she would have been Charlotte Brunty.

Bursting Through The Glass Ceiling

Looking up at the glass ceiling of the museum reminds me of Greek mythology and the notion of bursting through the net that surrounds the world.

And it reminds me of the Moirae - otherwise called the Fates - of Greek mythology and of Clotho, the Fate who spun the thread of life, and of Lachesis who measured the thread, and of Atropos who cut the threads of a man's existence when his time was up.

And somehow I imagine a kind of reverse abseiling (rappelling)  and speeding up the thread and leaving the cut part of the it behind and watching it fall lazily to the floor of the museum below.