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YouTube 500 Server Error

Something went wrong when I tried to bring up a YouTube video and the page showed this.

Reading the statement from YouTube, I have some questions:

Who trains the monkeys? What do they feed them on and where do they keep them? 

Wouldn't it be more sensible to have human coders look into these kind of faults?

Surely it is not in Google's best interests to use monkeys solely for this task. The cost of training, food, and housing must surely outweigh the benefits because I have never seen a 500 Server Error before and it must be rare.

Perhaps the monkeys are part of a wider project and if so, I think we have a right to know. 

I think 'search relevance' would be a good place for monkeys to start working on.

The YouTube Video This is the video that should have appeared:

Closer By A Nose

Blogger App For iOS

I feel like I should write something like 'What I did in my holidays' as the first post written with this Blogger app for iOS.

So in that spirit, here is a photo of Edinburgh.

How will This app align the image? Can't see a way to control that from within the app.

Time to hit 'Publish'.

[ Published and edited using the newly released Blogger app ]