Saturday, July 9, 2011

96 Hours Police Bail - Andy Coulson - David Cameron

With the recent ruling that the police have 96 consecutive hours to bail a suspect (and not 96 hours in total as previously supposed)

- and given the view of the police that this ruling hampers their ability to bring suspects to justice,

- and given the Government's promise to push through amending legislation to ensure that the police can do their job properly

- and bearing in mind that Andy Coulson is the Prime Minister's ex-director of communications

- does the Prime Minister not think he ought to distance himself from the passage of this Bill bearing in mind that Andy Coulson is now on police bail and that any delay in the passage of the Bill might hinder the police investigation?

Friday, July 8, 2011

Between Steve Coogan And Will Self - It Depends Whether You Know How To Care

On Newsnight on TV tonight Will Self had little time for the outrage of the British public or of Steve Coogan, whose phone was hacked.

Will Self said he blamed the prurient tastes of the British public for the mess at the News Of The World.

Steve Coogan had earlier called the ex-editor of the News Of The World a risible human being with no interest in journalism but only of tittle tattle.

Who is right - Coogan or Self?

I think Will Self views society as similar to the taste of the public for gladiatorial battles in the Roman arena - what the public wants is what the public gets.

But this is not Rome.