Saturday, April 23, 2011

Saturday Thoughts

My toes are cold because I am sitting here without my socks on. Where does the inertia to bend down and put them on come from? I am enjoying myself too much to bend down and put them on!? OK. Hit the pause button.


I was thinking what it would be like if the computer screen followed us around instead of us having to look in one direction towards its face.

I think the iPad is the nearest we have to that - no wires and as long as you are in range of a signal - no restriction on just letting it dangle from one's fingers as we walk around to go and sit on the couch or on the bed or just rest it on the worktop while we make breakfast.

Is that good?

I think there is something 1984-ish about computer screens. Has anyone ever been sucked into one and disappeared?

I read a story about a TV that refused to show any channels. It just had a message across its screen that said 'Feed me.'

Little Johnny goes to bed and in the morning he comes down and his parents have disappeared but the TV message says 'Fed.'

Have a good Saturday.

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