'Travel Light' Is Getting Harder

What I have learned about gear to never leave behind on my travels - from a magnifying glass and a pair of binoculars, to a length of rope.
I came to the realisation a while ago that to take the example of my camera gear, there a things I want and things I don't want but which you have to have - such as a battery charger and a spare battery.
No one 'wants' them - they just have to come along, just like international plug adaptors. And it all adds weight to that pack.
Could I travel without checking my email or blogging? It's too painful to think about. ;-)
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by David Bennett on February 26, 2011[edit]
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It Is Getting Harder To Travel Light
There was a time when I would have been happy to leave my camera at home and let my senses do the recording. Now a camera, lenses, and a laptop are all fighting for space in my pack.
For all that, the guiding principle I have always followed – it is probably in my nature – is to travel light.
Llama Carrying Only Straw
Travel Light
I remember being proud of how little my pack weighed as it went on the scale at the airport check-in at the start of my year-long trip to South America.
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