Monday, February 28, 2011

The Florida No Cow Zone - Gotta See The Comments :-)

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Photographing cows or other farm scenery could land you in jail under Senate bill
Taking photographs from the roadside of a sunrise over hay bales near the Suwannee River, horses grazing near Ocala or sunset over citrus groves along the Indian River could land you in jail under a Senate bill filed Monday.
SB 1246 by Sen. Jim Norman, R-Tampa, would make it a first-degree felony to photograph a farm without first obtaining written permission from the owner. A farm is defined as any land "cultivated for the purpose of agricultural production, the raising and breeding of domestic animals or the storage of a commodity."
We all need to dig just a little bit deeper to understand what this is really about . Farmers across the country have recently noticed that when their farm animals think no one is watching or listening, the animals stand up on 2 legs and engage in open debate and dialogue in clearly understandable English. They talk about a variety of things including the price of corn, soybeans, politics and the weather (they avoid religion). The animals try hard to conceal their behavior (rumor is that they're trying to unionize and contact PETA) and are afraid if they get caught, they'll be immediately slaughtered.
Farmers are trying desperately to make sure no one photographs any animal who is openly displaying higher thought processes or the ability to think or communicate to humans. It would mean a swift end to the "harvesting" of animals for food.
Hence, the "no photography rule". I also understand they're introducing another bill to create a "no fly zone" for animals that can fly. Rumor is that pigs are watching this bill very closely.

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