Saturday, January 29, 2011

Working Offline With Markdown

Using MarkDown In MarsEdit For MadMimi Emails

What Is Markdown?
Markdown is both ‘plain text markup syntax’ and a software tool that converts plain text markup to HTML.
In plain English, it is a simple way of writing an article that contains the code to make text that displays with formatting and that can also be displayed as a web page.
But Why Do I Need Markdown?
Many blogging platforms enable you to write articles with a Visual Editor. This blog uses the WordPress platform, and it is very easy to write and edit posts directly in this blog using the built-in Visual Editor.
So When Is MarkDown Useful?
Well, until I saw Don McAllister’s screencast I didn’t think I had much use for MarkDown.
However, when I saw the MarkDown code today, I recognised it as the code that MadMimi uses to make its email newsletters.
This is relevant to us because use MadMimi for our email newsletters.
Working Offline
Being able to work on email newsletters offline is very useful to us because it opens up a whole new dimension for composing newsletters with MadMimi.

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