Sunday, December 26, 2010

What Camera did Irving Penn use?

Highly recommend the rest of this gentleman's blog. And he has another with lots of photography information (I learned how to get the number of shutter actuations on my D700 by reading his blog at )

What Camera did Irving Penn use?

There is a good old apocryphal story about the author Ernest Hemingway and the photographer Irving Penn.
Ernest Hemingway to Irving Penn:
“Your photos are really good. What camera do you use?”
Irving Penn to Ernest Hemingway:
“Your novels are excellent. What typewriter do you use?”
The problem with the story is of course that it does not give the important information, which camera did Penn actually use? Luckily, the National Portrait Gallery in London can inform us that he used Rolleiflex, Deardorff V8 and Hasselblad. And certainly a bunch of others during his long life.
Ernest Hemingway used a Corona #3 typewriter when he want to Europe in 1921. Thanks to this blog for finding references about this in Carlos Baker, Ernest Hemingway: A Life Story, 1969, New York, Charles Scribner’s Sons. He is also supposed to have used a Royal Arrow, Underwood and Halda. Three of his typewriters allegedly still are at the Hemingway villa Finca Vigia in Cojimar Cuba.

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