Unintended Irony - David Cameron - Quite A Lot Of People

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David Cameron: Quite A Lot Of People

Here is an extract from an article in the Guardian today, under the headline Royal attack: police tactics questioned as PM condemns ‘feral’ protest:
“I don’t think we can go on saying a small minority were there. There were quite a lot of people who were hell bent on violence and destroying property,” Cameron said. “When people see flags being torn off the Cenotaph, when people are despoiling a statue of Winston Churchill, police officers being dragged off police horses and beaten – I want to make sure that they feel the full force of the law.”
He believes it was ‘quite a lot of people’. Does he fail to see what this means? Does he fail to see that ‘quite a lot of people’ stormed the Bastille?
Once the numbers stop being ‘a small minority’ then they start to become representative of the will of the people. Does he not see that?
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