Except for the Libyan .ly registration - all looks good. It pulls your FB, Twitter and Delicious links and shows you what you have forgotten in the spurt of information that is the 21Century.
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Never forget a link again

As you probably know, I post a lot of links, on my blogs, on Facebook, on Delicious, on Twitter. But, once they’re posted, retweeted, commented, or ignored, they’re essentially lost. There’s no simple way to keep tabs on them or create some value-added resource from all those links on disparate sites. At least until now that is. I was lucky enough to receive an invite into the beta testing phase of a new site,
Anyway, connect your account to Facebook, Delicious and Twitter and it will crawl your status updates, bookmarks, and tweets and present you with a reverse chronological stream of all you’ve linked to on those services. It says it will take an hour or so to do that, but for me, the Twitter index, was complete within a few minutes, although Facebook is taking longer. You can also now import your exported delicious bookmarks which means you need no longer feel like a potential delicious referee after the Yahoo announcement that the delicious service would be shut down at some point. The service also provides you with a block of your most frequently used tags, so you can see what kinds of things you link to most often.

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