Friday, December 3, 2010

A Cup Of Timelessness at Mindful Living

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A Cup of Timelessness

By Pavel G. Somov, Ph.D.

I drank a cup of tea and watched the flowing and stillness.
Quietly and naturally I seemed to forget the return of time.
Tamara Colloff-Bennett, a connoisseur of life’s moments (as  far as I can tell from our epistolary exchanges) writes, in Tea Stories from the East to the West:
“[I]n Korean homes [...] tea [...] is served about one-half to three-quarters full in dainty china tea cups.  I once asked why it was never a full cup that was served, and the family whose home I was in at the time told me it was a tradition to suggest the wish for balance in the life of the person who is being served the tea – so the water is poured in up to the middle of the cup.”  
Indeed: as life brews, balance it by emptying the mind-cup now and then.  A half-full cup is harder to spill.
So, have a cup of timelessness!
Resources: read the rest of Tamara’s article

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