Monday, December 6, 2010

Breach of Promise

So the thing is that a year last April I wrote an article on Breach of Promise in English law and how being able to sue for breach of promise was ended in England in 1971.
And to set the scene, I mentioned that when the bill to end the civil remedy for breach of promise was placed before Parliament, the Beatles had just played their last concert.
So my wife bought a DVD of 'A Hard Day's NIght' and she is watching it and I am listening with one ear. And what do I hear in the opening few minutes but Paul (I think it was Paul who said it) saying that breach of promise can cost you a fortune. A Hard Day's Night was made in about 1964.
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It’s 1969
The year is 1969. The Beatles have played their last public performance, which took place on the roof of Apple Records. Neil Armstrong has walked on the moon.
And the Law Commission, charged in 1965 by the Engish parliament with reporting on things that ought to be changed in English law, have reported on breach of promise in marriage.
A Short History of the Consequences of Breaking Off An Engagement in England
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