Monday, November 15, 2010

Caroline Spelman Speaks With Forked Tongue On Forest Sell-Off

With a hat-tip to Horticulture Week

I have just read the article in the Guardian by Environment Minister Caroline Spelman. Please read the article in which she says - No we are not selling off the forests and yes we are selling them off but there will be safeguards blah blah blah

Setting the record straight on the sale of England's woodlands

The idea of England's woods being sold off piece by piece to developers is enough to chill anyone's heart. It would certainly chill mine. Thankfully, it is not going to happen.
This is no fire sale by a cash-strapped state. We think it's much better to give individuals, businesses, charities and local authorities the chance of a much bigger role in protecting their natural environment – and, frankly, those who live closest are most likely to protect it.
Putting more woodlands into alternative ownership will not lead to a free-for-all of golf courses, holiday parks or housing developments – I imagine local planning departments would have some strong views and use a range of safeguards to prevent this happening. Any proposals for development will come before the town and country planning process.

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