Times and Sunday Times Online Subscriptions – Yes Or No

I don't buy into the model that says that subscriptions to online versions of print newspapers will keep newspapers alive. I think they will hasten the death of print. And I like print. So I shall not be subscribing to the Times and Sunday Times Online. Am I swimming against the tide? Here is make the case for the foldable, crushproof, easy-to read reader - formerly known as the newspaper.
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Times and Sunday Times Online Subscriptions – Yes Or No

And somehow I think that if I were to subscribe to a model that I don’t want to be caught up in – namely TASTO – I will be hastening the death of print journalism.
There was also a leaflet for Mature Offers – Special Deals For The Over 50s that I hardly glanced at, and there was an invitation to take out a subscription to the Times and Sunday Times online (TASTO from now on in this article).
I just opened the copy of the Radio Times that arrived on our doormat and there is a heartbreaking leaflet from Save The Children that I will talk about another time.
I know there is a counter-argument that runs something like – online will help support and maintain traditional print journalism. I don’t believe it.
I think the model is wrong.
I often read a Guardian article in the print newspaper and then look it up online. The online version is usually abbreviated. It’s useful to link to if I want to spread the word about something – but the print version is better.
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