Saturday, October 2, 2010

Anchor Text Has Lost Its Edge

Anchor Text Has Lost Its Edge – Time To Build A Healthy Strong Domain, Old Techniques Are Not Going to Cut it

Last year I published a link correlation article showing the most important link building metrics to consider when putting together a campaign.
If you missed it check it out here.
It was republished and linked to widely including from SEOmoz as it was data from their tools that helped me put the report together.
I wanted to follow up on that report as since Caffeine has gone live a number of sites and clients have been noticing major switches in rankings and once high ranking websites are now struggling to make the first page. I personally believe there a couple of reasons for the fluctuations, however let’s start with a new bit of research.
After doing a little research into a few sites I can clearly see some trends;
- Over optimisation of anchor text
- Lack of brand links
- Large amount of site wide links

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