Friday, September 24, 2010

Protest the proposed badger cull in Britain

Here is the link to the DEFRA page that describes the Coalition Government's proposal for consultation on a limited badger cull. This is despite the fact that the scientific advisor to the Government (and to the previous Government) said the weight of evidence is that a limited cull would not work and would worsen the situation.
A wholesale, nationwide cull is not going to happen. Who would stand for the idea of killing all Britain's badgers?
According to some, it is still not established what the route of infection, if any, is between badgers and cattle.
So why does Government want to have yet another consultation on the proposal to conduct a limited cull against the weight of scientific evidence that says that if TB is spread from badgers to cows, then killing some badgers will make the situation worse?
Is it because the people in Government at the moment (remind me who they are) would rather use the cull as a scientific experiment to test what the outcome of killing some badgers is, rather than act in accordance with the weight of the scientific evidence?

We urgently need your help to convince the government that badger culling is wrong.

Despite strong opposition from the RSPCA, the Coalition Government has announced a consultation on the proposed badger cull in England as part of a package of measures to control Bovine TB. This consultation will take place in mid-September.
In 2006 when a cull was last under discussion, more than 47,000 members of the public objected.  The badger cull was subsequently halted and alternative control measures were considered instead. A TB vaccine for badgers was licensed for use in March and the RSPCA believes that the Coalition Government should proceed with the project that had been planned using this vaccine. We also want to see a continuation of improved cattle measures, including pre- and post-movement testing, husbandry and biosecurity, rather than the widespread killing of badgers across England.

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