Thursday, September 2, 2010

How To Get Your Custom Domain Name To Direct To Blogger

I have just changed from to the new custom domain that you can see in the URL address above.

Once I had bought the domain name, I directed the www. to the address to which Google required.

That worked OK but I saw that the non-www version of the site was simply directing to a parked domain at the address of the domain registrar (

I read Google's information on the subject and I read various Question and Answers on lots of forums and they all seemed to think it was impossible to get around this problem or that curing it involved adding a piece of html redirect code in the 'head' section of the blog.

As I say, I registered this domain with and the way I solved the problem was to go into the domain settings at GoDaddy and order the non-www site to forward to www.

It has taken a few hours to propagate and it all seems to be working OK.

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